About us

In TERRABIKES we are dedicated to the provision of bicycle mechanics services, the sale of spare parts, accessories, specialized laundering of the road, equipment for the way and mountain bike cyclist. All this based on the attention and personalized advice after the sale.

We have the necessary infrastructure to provide a high-quality service, a competent and experienced work team. Being our primary objective to serve and meet the needs of our customers, through practical knowledge, bicycle mechanics, research and constant academic training.


Work Experience

Seller and Bicycle Technician

My beginnings in bicycle mechanics are the result of my work as a salesman and bicycle technician as standard (Raleigh, KHS, Giant, Pro-Flex). I decided to start in the regulation and adjustment of transmission systems due to the constant demand and the need of customers to receive a post-sale service, where they could achieve the best performance of their vehicles.

1995-Giant Argentina and MTB/Highway Warranty Technician

I started in Giant Argentina as Head of Technical Assistance for distributors and repairs of guarantees. My main task is to make the presentations of the Giant Argentina models, thanks to which I developed a close collaboration with the representative of the factory origin of the firm.
As Head of Technical Assistance, Giant Argentina offers me to be part of its MTB / Carretera de Argentina team. It was then that I began to modify catalog bicycles and assemble frames according to the client’s requirements. (transmission, fork, wheels, etc.).

2002 - Study Industrial Assembly Study in Italy

In Italy, I continued to increase my academic training and my practical knowledge of mechanics. After that capitalizing experience, I returned to Argentina, where, together with the magazine Biciclub (Argentina) as an editorial, I published the first edition of the TERRABIKES mechanics manual of my authorship.

2005 - Head of Canaglia Workshops

Arriving at the end of that year, I began to work as head of the 3 workshops of the Canaglia bicycle chain. Simultaneously, I designed and built for different studios, the first working benches and gauges for the switch, which achieved excellent acceptance in the domestic market.

2014 - TB Special Tools launched

In TB Special Tools we were able to develop a line of specific products for the maintenance of bicycles, focused mainly on the transmission (cleaning and lubrication) and the maintenance of disc brakes.
Having successfully positioned itself in the internal market, TB Special Tools managed to respond positively to the expectations of its users both in professional use and in its home use.

1994-Opening of my Own Store

After a few years, I decided to add my experience, my passion for mechanics and my vocation of service to open my first store. In it, I mainly focus on everything related to technical assistance and after sales, rather than the purchase of new units.

1997- Marzocchi Products Technician

Towards the middle of that year, I became a Marzocchi, product technician. Being assigned to the development, development, and preparation of maintenance manuals for the entire line of products of the firm, intended exclusively for its distributors in Argentina.

2003- Metallurgical Workshops

At the end of my training in the design of tools and parallel, I start my work in metallurgical workshops where I acquire knowledge in manufacturing processes.

2010 - Design and Manufacturing Tools Mechanics Bicycles

The lack of imported products in the country (Argentina), led me to resume my activities in the design and manufacture of tools for bicycle mechanics, and in that way to supply the present lack.
The result of that initiative were two models of the Aligator workbench, intended for home use and the T-Rex professional level, which would result in the creation of the TB Special Tools firm.

Why Trust in Terrabikes?

We put at your disposal all our extensive knowledge on road bikes and mountain bikes to ensure a professional service of the highest quality and with the best results.

Extensive knowledge
Quality pieces
Mechanics Specialists
Long Experience

Experience in Teaching

  • First mechanic of bicycles in the Argentine television. (Video Bike 1993)
  • 1997 / 1999 – Author of Marzocchi fork repair manuals for Argentina
  • 1998 / 2001 – Professor at the Bici rural school Argentina
  • 2002 – 1st edition of the TERRABIKES bicycle mechanics manual, published by Revista Biciclub
  • 2004 – 2nd edition of the Bicycle Mechanics Manual TERRABIKES
  • 2009 – 3rd edition of the Bicycle Mechanics Manual TERRABIKES
  • 2013 / 2014 – Professor in the bicycle school of mechanics AyT
  • 2014 – 4th edition of the Bicycle Mechanics Manual TERRABIKES
  • 2015 / 2017 – Author of mechanical notes in the magazine Biciclub
  • As of 2015, I have trained 60 students on bicycle mechanics issues
  • 2016 – Dictated mechanics course at the U.T.N Higher National Institute of Technical Teaching Staff (Universidad Tecnológica Nacional – Argentina)
  • 2014/2015/2016 – Talks of mechanics in Expo Bici
  • 2016 – Sale of TERRABIKES manuals in EMEB-Escuela de Mecánica (Barcelona Spain)
  • 2017 – edition and distribution of the fifth edition of the TERRABIKES bicycle mechanics manual through EMEB
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